Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose
Jacquard Floral Pantyhose

Jacquard Floral Pantyhose

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Item number:xhjn52023021613

Crowd: Female

Decor: Casual/Everyday

Thickness: Regular

Material: 80 % Poliammidica

               18 % Elastan

                2 % Cotone

Occasion: Daily/Party/Travel/Vacation

Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter

There may be 1-2 cm deviation in different sizes, locations and stretch of fabrics.

If the product has any quality problems, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem as quickly as possib.

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The below is a measurement guide for dresses in perfect fit. Before you make the measurement for the dress, there are some tips for you:

  1. Do not measure over other clothing besides the similar or the same undergarment you will wear on your wedding day or special occasion.
  2. Instead of measuring by yourself, always remember to get somebody else to make the measurement for you. It would be better if you can get help from qualified seamstress.
  3. If you're right on the edge of two sizes, order the larger. For example, if your waist equals size 12 and your bust a 14, you should order a size 14. Always keep in mind: it is easier to cut a dress down than lose a pound.
  4. If it is possible, we suggest you to use a vinyl tape-measure. That's because some fabric tend to stretch over time and your dress will be ordered too small.
  5. Generally, your dress custom-tailor may not need all the measurement mentioned below, but it is good to have them all, just in case. And if you have any questions or you need any help for measuring, feel free to contact us!

Please be sure not to round up or down to the next inch when taking your measurements! For example, if your measurement ends up being 23 1/8 inches, please submit 23 1/8 inches to us!

  • d measure from your shoulder point to the wrist.
  • Waist :

    Place your hands at your natural waistline. You should measure the smallest part of your waist; it is an inch or so above your belly button in general.
  • Hips :

    This is the measurement at the fullest part of your hips. It is usually approximately 7 inches below your waist. What you should do is to stand naturally with your heels together and relaxed. Find your hip bones and measure there. Pay special attention to leave a little room and not to pull the tape too tight.
  • Lower Hips :

    Measure from the top of your leg, just bellow where your buttocks begins, all the way around your legs. Keep your feet together when taking this measurement.
  • Shoulder

    Please measure from the edge of the shoulder socket, across the back to the same point on the other shoulder.
  • Hollow to Floor :

    This is the length from your hollow space between the collarbones to where you want the hem of the dress to fall(measure in barefoot). Do always stand upright with your feet keeping together. Remember the tape should be measured according to the fullness. If you want the shoes to be covered by the dress, please add the height of the shoes into the measurement.
  • Shoulder to Waist :

    This measurement measures from the shoulder bone, through your nipple, and down to your natural waist.
  • Shoulder to Apex :

    Measure from the bone where your shoulder and chest connect down to your nipple.
  • Apex to Apex :

    This is a measurement of the distance between your two nipples.
  • Bicep Circumference :

    This is the fullest part of the arm. Keep tape slightly loose to allow for space.
  • Upper-knee Width :

    This is a measurement of the circumference of your upper knees, approximately an inch above the top of your knee cap. When taking this measurement, stand straight with your feet together.
  • Waist to Floor :

    This measurement measures the distance from your natural waist to the floor. When taking this measurement, stand straight with your feet together.
  • Height :

    It means your full height. Stand straight and measure from top to bottom in barefoot.

Every mother of the bride wants to look dazzling at her child’s wedding. So of course, she will need a stunning dress. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the most glamorous and stunning long mother of the bride dresses. This is just a sampling of some of the most beautiful mother of the bride dresses long length that are perfect for women in the prime of their lives! We have included a selection of both mother of the bride and groom dresses for all seasons and wedding venues.Shopping for long dresses for mother of the bride should be a fun outing with you and your daughter or future daughter-in-law. Use these dresses as a style guide to help you find a dress that will flatter your figure as well as suit your style and taste.We hope these long mother of the bride gowns have given you the inspiration you need! We just know that you will make a beautiful mother of the bride or groom!

Spring Mother Of The Bride Gowns

Check out these elegant mother of the bride dresses long for Spring. They are ideal for a garden, country club or nature venue. With one of these sophisticated styles for 2022, you will be transformed into a sleek and stylish mother of the bride! The following long mother of the bride gowns offer soft shades that are perfect for a Spring wedding. Add a floral headpiece to give it a more romantic vibe!

Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses

This collection highest some of the most popular modern and contemporary mother of the bride dresses long length. If you are looking for a vibrant and modern gown these silhouettes could be just what you are looking for. These gowns are chic and classy with just a bit of an edge.

Winter Dresses For Mother Of The Bride

One of the main challenges of a winter wedding is to find a mother of the bride gown that is both stylish and warm. You shouldn’t be afraid to opt for light-colored but long mother of the bride gowns with a fur shawl or cape. This is quite stylish while keeping you nice and warm at the same time!

Fall Mother Of The Bride And Groom Gowns

Autumn is a perfect time for a backyard, farm or vineyard wedding! Fall colors are spectacular for long lace mother of the bride dresses. From gorgeous reds to soft orange to dark blue gowns, there are hundreds of breath-taking long gowns for mothers of the bride!

Summer Mother Of The Groom And Bride Dresses

Summer mother of the bride dresses should always be light, airy and smooth! Gowns with translucent fabrics, open shoulders and deep cuts are very feminine and flattering! These dresses are just right for a beach wedding. Flowing, soft and airy gowns will give you an ethereal flare.

Navy & Blue Dresses For Mother Of The Bride

Long navy blue mother of the bride dresses are all the rage this year. Navy blue is very flattering on women of any size and stature. Mother of the bride dresses in navy or blue is the epitome of elegance and style! With short sleeves, long sleeves, off-the-shoulder or sleeveless options, you will find plenty of gorgeous navy blue gowns at your disposal!

Unique Gowns Ideas For Mother

Are you going for an edgy look? Something a bit unusual? Why not choose from a selection of long black mother of the bride dresses? How about two piece long sleeve mother of the bride dresses? The dresses in this category feature dresses with  elements such as exquisite embroidery and floral accents. These gowns are ideal for weddings with a unique theme or twist!

Mother Gowns With Sleeves

Mother of the bride dresses with sleeves create a sense of harmony and cohesion. And of course they are the perfect choice for a Fall or Winter wedding! Whether you are searching for short, mid-length or long sleeve mother of the bride dresses, you will be sure to find the right look for your. From lace sleeves to puffy sleeves to embroidered designs, the options are endless!

Sequins Mother Dresses

If you are a fan of sequined gowns, you will love this selection of silver, rose gold, gold and champagne mother of the bride long dresses. These styles will complement any wedding theme or venue! However, remember that if you choose sequence, silver or long gold mother of the bride dresses, it is best to keep the jewelry and accessories to a minimum. This will give you a refined and sophisticated style!

Dazzling Mother Dresses For Any Party

As the mother of the bride, you will want to choose mother of the bride dresses that will capture the eye. The following dresses show a sampling of some avant garde wedding party dresses that will long be remembered after the big day! Whether you are looking for tall, petite or long plus size mother of the bride dresses, you can choose a gown that will look stunning at any party or venue!